Comparing Crossbows To Archery Bows

Long-established archery members have debated that crossbows are more like a gun than a bow because they require little practice and it doesn't have the same challenging skills to tag the hunt as compared to traditional archery equipment.  This is one of the reasons why crossbows have gained favoritism among hunters.

What was once an ancient weapon during the medieval times or a bow of choice for those that couldn't draw a common bow is becoming a new option for conventional and new hunters?  States are relaxing the restrictions on crossbows in which standard archery equipment is used and some states changed the age and physical requirements for hunters who want to use a crossbow. 

We have a complete list of all the Department of Natural Resources by State so you can check on your state's regulations. Another reason crossbows attract new hunters is because a crossbow can remain in the drawn to shoot position or cocked and anyone that can lift a crossbow can surely hunt with it.  Crossbows are light and may also be used in conjunction with stands, monopods or equipment to help find a target and steadily hold the line of shot.

Crossbows don't have much in common with a compound bow or a recurve – longbow.  Compound bows and crossbows rely on the energy that is stored from the use of wheels or cams that increase arrow speed.  A traditional bow hunter uses a bow with a draw weight of about 70 lbs, but a crossbow draw weights can be up to 175 lbs.

It might seem like a bullet compared to a bowling ball, but both of them shoot arrows (bolts) at about the same speed because the limbs on a crossbow are much shorter.  High quality compounds can thrust an arrow at 300 fps (feet per second).  A crossbow that shoots in the same 300 fps range will also shoot up to 350, but the extra speed doesn't give any advantages in the field.

Advancements in speed and accuracy have been helped by tech advancements, but what hasn't changed much is the weight.  They usually weigh 7 to 10 pounds, which is as much as a standard rifle or more, but they can also be an encumbrance because of the limbs.  But you don't really want a light crossbow because it is less accurate and has a kick.  More energy is transferred backwards with a light crossbow.

Are expensive crossbows worth the price?

A crossbow can cost upwards of $1,000 but will include a lot of accessories in a packaged deal.  The package usually includes a scope, quiver, arrows and an assortment of other accessories.  A cocking device comes with the crossbow and it aids in drawing the string back into the cocked position. 

They are not required but it is a feature that is well worth the money spent.  Although you don't need to spend more than a grand to buy a nice crossbow, cheaper bows from notable manufacturers will tag a deer just as good as an expensive crossbow.

One downfall to a crossbow is that it isn't too quiet, because the short limbs and high speeds create as surprising vibration that may spook a deer.  It is just something that we can't get away from and no manufacturer can change it because that is just the dynamics on how they are made.  Even the most high end quality crossbows have a loud twanging noise when they are shot.

Although all the crossbows have the same basics, each crossbow manufacturer, model and brand have something just a bit different and some may feel better than others.

How To Aim A Bow And Arrow And Hit The Target Every Time !

Aiming a bow and shooting the target is a matter of practice

When I picked up a bow to start archery for the first time I found that aiming was a very difficult thing to do. I had been used to rifle shooting and I was trying to aim my arrow by sighting down the shaft. It's not very practical to do that with a bow and arrow. My coach was an elderly relative who was a veteran target archer and he gave me a few tips when I asked him how do I aim my bow? My aim improved a lot when I took his advice.

Practice, practice, practice

My archer relative told me that I should draw the bowstring so that it touched the side of my face. Look at the target while pointing the arrow in the right direction then release the arrow smoothly. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? I guess it is once you've practiced enough.

I still didn't understand how to aim the arrow at the center of the target though and my coach kept telling me to always pull the bowstring so that it came to rest at the same place on my face. He also told me that the secret to accurate shooting was practice and a lot of other things that I don't remember now but I got the idea. At least I thought I did - some kind of Karate Kid wax on... wax off deal I thought.

Consistency is the key to accurate archery

Then it slowly came to me that there was no definitive way to sight an arrow or aim a bow at a target. Well there might be but I still don't know what it is. The secret truly was in the practice, which enabled me to become consistent in the way that I drew and released the arrow. Where the arrow hit the target was initially just trial and error but if you're consistent with the draw and release then you should be able to hit the same point of the target with every arrow. Sometimes I can destroy the flights on arrows in the target. That's good aiming but expensive on arrows.

How do I aim a bow at the center of the target?

Of course it then follows that if you can consistently hit the same place on the target every time then all you  need to do is make that place be the little circle in the center and you have cracked it. Just concentrate on shooting as many bulls eyes as you can as often as you can.

I'm still very much a beginner and there are a lot of very neat secrets to archery and how to aim a bow that I still have to learn. Most things require lots of practice but you need to read as much as you can about techniques too to make sure that you practice the right things. If you practice enough you will get better.

How to Use Aerobic Exercises to Lose Weight !

In addition to the right diet you will also need the right exercises that help burn off that stubborn fat if you want to lose weight. Aerobic exercises can help you burn fat while building up stamina at the same time. Here are some vital tips that can help you use aerobic exercises to lose weight.

Start out slowly and monitor your body...

Before you get all fired up and sprain a muscle, start out slowly and monitor your body. Start with proper warming-up exercises to warm up your body and make it flexible. Keep an ear and eye out for clicking or painful joints and stop if you feel stabbing pain.

You should also monitor your breathing initially, although you will certainly notice a positive difference after a few days of aerobics. It is vital that you appoint an individual instructor at least initially so as to get the right start in your aerobics routine.

Remain consistent...

You should exercise at least 4 days in a week consistently, preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach since this will help burn fat at a faster rate. You can start out slowly and then proceed to high-intensity aerobic routines in the coming days.

The result will be noticeable since as you start to sweat from outside, your body will by busy burning off accumulated fat from the inside. Each routine should last for around 45 minutes with adequate rest between each exercise. At the end of the day, the number of calories burned should definitely be higher than the number of calories consumed.

Types of Aerobic exercises that could suit your body...

Based on your current weight and physical condition, you could start with some of the aerobic exercises mentioned here. If you plan to work out indoors then you can use treadmills, stationary bicycles, steppers, and rowing machines. If you love dancing then you can add it to your aerobics routine.

Outdoor exercises could include walking, jogging, cycling, cross-country skiing, etc. Try out exercises that do not cause pain at your joints and remember to keep on changing or increasing the level of intensity after each fortnight to keep your fat burning at peak levels.

Combine it with weight training...

If you want to develop bulging muscles along with losing weight then you can also combine weight training with aerobics. You should use lighter weights at first and perform more sets so as to burn the fat and build up endurance levels at the same time. You can perform your aerobics routine after weight training for maximum effect. However, do not overdo either of the routines and take adequate rest so that your muscles can recover sufficiently for the next routine.

Home Aerobic Exercises to Burn Fats Fast !

It is a known fact that aerobics is one of the best forms of home exercises that can help you to lose fat and weight fast. These exercises are good for any age group and have proved effective and efficient. If you do not have the time and money to join a gym or buy fancy equipment, then all you got to do is do the following exercises at home.

Walking is the one of the best exercises...

For those who find jogging too much for their joints can opt for walking. Beginners can start with a short distance and slow speed and can increase the duration and speed once their bodies get used to it. Remember to wear the right kind of clothing and shoes.

Walking will help exercise all the muscles and joints in the body. Make sure you walk regularly every day and take short breaks if required. Running and jogging are also extremely helpful in burning fats.

Exercises to reduce body weight...

Aerobic exercises to reduce body weight should include push ups. Push ups can be modified by resting your knees and toes on the floor. The front bridge exercise is also effective: Lie straight, face down on the ground with the forearms and toes being the points of contact with the floor. Do this as long as you are comfortable.

Dance away your fat...

Everybody likes to dance so why not use this form of aerobic exercise to burn away your fat and extra calories? There is no need for any special guidance or training to do this exercise. All you have to do is put on some good music that you love and dance! You will be surprised to see the huge amount of calories that can be burned in this way.

As long as you enjoy the music you can keep dancing. This is one of the most popular and effective ways to lose weight.

Biking and Cycling exercises...

These types of aerobic exercises help you to keep your weight in control by burning all the stored fat in the body. Both these exercises help you to retain good shape and fitness level. Abdominal fat is reduced and you can maintain a healthy level of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Apart from burning of fat, these exercises make your leg and thigh muscles extremely fit and strong. Almost 350 calories of fat can be burned by cycling and biking for an hour!

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